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Tips For Making Your Own Polymer Clay Christmas Ornament

Article Topic: You can have lots of fun making Santas, angels, or candy canes out of polymer clay to give as a gift or to hang off your Christmas tree.

What Is Polymer Clay?

Polymer clay is an artificial 'clay' which you can use to make intricate Christmas decorations. You might know polymer clay better by one of its brand names, such as FIMO or Sculpey Clay.

Why Is Polymer Clay The Best Material To Use?

There are many advantages to making Christmas decorations with polymer clay as opposed to 'real' brown clay from the earth. First among these advantages is the fact that you can fire polymer clay in your own oven at home. Traditional brown (or terracotta) clay needs to be fired in dedicated kilns, which are far hotter than household ovens.

The second advantage to making Christmas ornaments with polymer clay is that polymer clay comes in a range of colors (including neon and translucent, as well as the traditional reds, blues, yellows and so on). Traditional brown clay has to be painted after firing in the kiln.

Should You Use FIMO or Sculpey Polymer Clay?

FIMO is best for Christmas ornaments where two or more colors intertwine. For example, candy canes with red and white intertwining stripes. This is because FIMO is firmer and does not let its colors blend together as easily as the other brands. However, for very young children, FIMO may not be as enjoyable to work with as it may be too firm.

Sculpey or Premo Sculpey is softer than FIMO (which is great for young children) but the downside is that the colors may run together where you would rather they stay separate. In the candy cane example above, the red and white stripes may run together to create a pink smudge.

Designs And Ideas For A Polymer Clay Christmas Ornament

Some of the best ideas are traditional Christmas designs with a new twist. For example, you could make a snowman with a carrot for a nose surrounded by rabbits eager to eat the carrot. Or you could make a group of elves listening to their iPods while building toys for children. You could always look at the Christmas ornaments that are commercially available on the web for ideas and inspiration.

Instructions On How To Make A Polymer Clay Christmas Ornament

There are plenty of instructions on the web (including on the official Sculpey website) on how to make Christmas ornaments from polymer clay. There are instructions on how to make all sorts of goodies, including reindeer, wreaths, Santa and his sleigh, candy canes, and Santa climbing down the chimney.

Where To Hang Your New Christmas Ornament

You've done a great job – you should be proud! You can hang your polymer clay Christmas ornament on your Christmas tree, or even better – on your windowsill so passers by can see how good they look.